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1 Sexual arousal Refer to as “turned on” or “revved up” or “hot” like an energy system Scientifically - a state of activation of a complex system of reflexes involving sexual organs, hormones & nervous system . Brain has capacity to create images and fantasies Other influences: our emotions, level of intimacy between two people and host of others The Brain is a sex organ All behavior controlled by the central nervous system (CNS) brain & spinal cord Autonomic nervous system nerves that carry information from brain and spinal cord to heart, smooth muscle and glands The Brain is a sex organ Autonomic nervous system controls erection Parasympathetic – “business as usual” including dilating blood vessels entering penis causing in flow of blood Sympathetic - “fight or flight” emergency response diminishes erection Senses and the Brain Senses (touch, vision, hearing, olfaction (smell) and taste) give information to the CNS Brain interprets this information If interpretation is: “sexy”, behavior will change accordingly Some behaviors are reflexive (erection), some are controlled (approach of partner) Sexual Response & Masters and Johnson Most famous observers direct observation research 1957-1965 observed 694 men and women in > 10,000 acts of sexual activity From data categorized erotic response into 4 stages called Human Sexual Response Cycle (HSRC): Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm, Resolution Feelings when one wants sexual stimulation or intimacy Many things stimulate desire… ideas? Last for a moment or life-time Hard to define desire & not always connected to the other phases Exists in minds A number of sexologists include desire as part of sex response
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2 Types: Proceptivity lust or libido automatic, hormone driven and independent of situation more related to male desire Arousability capacity to become aroused once certain triggers are activated/encountered may best define female desire Desire and physical arousal are not always connected Chivers et. al. review of studies involving > 2500 women and 1900 men showed Men’s subjective ratings of arousal more closely matched their body’s response Women may feel desire without being lubricated and genital blood flow without feeling desire. M & J did not include desire in HSRC since not a quantifiable physiological response Masters and Johnson HSRC 4 phases Excitement Plateau Orgasm Resolution Similar basic pattern both sexes Variations on a theme Female Sexual Response Cycle Male Sexual Response Cycle Sexual Response Cycle Similar for all methods of stimulation Masturbation Manual/Oral Coitus Fantasy Intensity and rapidity vary according to the kind of stimulation Human Sexual Response Cycle Based on two basic physiological reactions: Vasocongestion: body tissues become engorged with blood Myotonia: Increased muscle
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