Review for ITM Exam 1

Review for ITM Exam 1 - Review for ITM Key Terms and...

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Review for ITM Key Terms and Chapters 1-12 Key Terms Input Devices- hardware used to enter data and instructions Output Devices- hardware component that conveys information to one or more people GUI- graphical user interface Embedded Computers- special purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product Enterprise Computing- the huge network of computers that meets the computing needs of business Audio files-. wav(usually sounds), mp3(mostly music), .m4a(itunes music) http & https- hypertext transfer protocol; set of rules how pages transfer on internet; https is secured. links/hyperlinks -built-in connection to another related page or part of a Web page streaming- the process of transferring data in a continuous even flow; ex. YouTube Application Software- consists of programs designs to make users more productive and assist them with personal tasks. Formatting- layout needs to be clear and concise Clip Gallery- a collection of audio, video, or image files that allows users to search and use them Software Suites- collection of programs sold in a package; ex. Microsoft Office Suite Image Editing Software- provides the capabilities of modifying and editing’s existing pictures Dual Core vs. Single Core Processors- single chip that contains two separate processors Head Crash- hard disk crashing into the reading/writing head Disk Controller- consists of a special purpose chip and electronic circuits that control the transfer of data, instructions, and information from a disk to and from the system bus and other components in the computer.
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Smart Card- stores data on a thin microprocessor embedded in the card; processor, input, process, output, and storage capabilities. Optical Discs-
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  • Personal computer, data entry form, Data Dictionary-contains data, data Information System-collection, Smart Card-stores data

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Review for ITM Exam 1 - Review for ITM Key Terms and...

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