Chapter 10 Objectives

Chapter 10 Objectives - Chapter 10 Objectives 1. Concepts...

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Chapter 10 Objectives 1. Concepts are mental groupings of similar objects, events, and people. These concepts are things such as birds, which have several different features, something with a beak, legs, furry body, and wings. When we observe all of these things we group this object into a category, bird. When we call this grouping a bird we have moved into into a prototyping category. Two birds standing next to each other would be classified as birds based on the fact hat they had off of these features. Grouping and prototypes allow us to form these concepts and easily associate items. 2. We use a variety of different means to solver problems that we have. We may use trial and error if we have never done anything before, like Thomas Edison. Algorithms, like in math, allow us to go through a step by step process to solve a problem. Algorithms are very complex, so we often use the simpler heuristics method to solve problems. We use more logic to solve problems like excluding vowel combinations with the letter Y. Lastly we may use insight, or allowing the pieces of the puzzle so fall together. These are all different means of solving problems. 3. Confirmation bias is a bias that we have to naturally seek out information that supports out claims. If I said that bird chirping is talking, I would support that by saying humans use noises to communicate as we do. Another major obstacle is fixation, fixation is the inability to see a problem from fresh perspective. This is
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Chapter 10 Objectives - Chapter 10 Objectives 1. Concepts...

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