Ch 22 notes - Ch 22 Biological Diversity and Systematics...

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Ch 22 - Biological Diversity and Systematics Systematics : Taxonomy and Classification The study of the diversity of organisms and can include evolutionary (phylogenetic) relationships . The naming, describing and classifying of organisms. A phylogenetic classification of organisms Naming…Polynomial System (many names) Solanum caule inermi herbaceo, foliis pinnatis incises The solanum (tomato, potato, egg plant) with the smooth stem which is herbaceous and has incised pinnate leaves Carl von Linne or Linnaeus 18 th Century Swedish Botanist Classification based on structural similarities Binomial (two names) system of nomenclature Linnaeus borealis L. L. borealis Species name…all foreign words should be italicized. Know what each word means…genus and specific epithet, the initial stands for whoever first developed this classification. Classification What is classification? o Groupings based on similarities or differences, how they’re related to one another, for a purpose Why do we classify? o To facilitate communication Taxonomy = naming describing and classifying Taxon – single level of a classification Taxa – plural version Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species o D umb K ings P lay C hess O n F ine G rain S and Plural of genus – genera Phylum (plural) – phyla Classifying by Kingdoms or Domains? From 4
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Ch 22 notes - Ch 22 Biological Diversity and Systematics...

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