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MicroscopyLabReport - 1 2 3 4 Microscopy Lab When observed...

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Microscopy Lab 1. When observed under the microscope, the most striking difference between the animal cell and the plant cell is the cell’s color. When viewing the animal cell, I observed that it had a very vibrant pink color, while the plant cell only seemed to have the dim green lines differentiating the features. The plant cell also seems to have plenty of more features, based off the slide being seen under the microscope, as opposed to the animal cell that only seems to be one giant circle with nothing in it. The feature that the cells are likely to have in common would of course be the nucleus. 2. The mitochondria in the cheek cells appear to be small in comparison to the size of the whole cell. They seem to be squished together. Compared to the liver mitochondria, the cells seem to be more separated, allowing the observer to see a more definite shape. The cells aren't squished together which also lets the observer clearly see the mitochondria.
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