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anthro midterm paper - Bush 1 Brittain Bush Anthropology 2...

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Bush 1 Brittain Bush Anthropology 2 Dr. Joan Barker 24 May 2007 Midterm Disaster Recovery Paper With the recent police brutality allegations against the Los Angeles Police Department at MacArthur Park it seems that the negative worldview of these officers is inevitable. However, in Danger, Duty, and Disillusion: The Worldview of Los Angeles Police Officers , Dr. Joan Barker provides her readers with a new perspective on police officers. She begins by stating that the ratio of Los Angeles residents to police officers is very high. Next, Barker writes that there is a big difference between the new officers and traditional ones. Barker explicates on how she began to do fieldwork. LAPD officers hang out with other officers in a club-like environment at bars. Barker had to slowly mingle with the crowd to become one of the “guys.” In fact, after twenty years of fieldwork riding with the officers, Barker ended up marrying one, which poses and interesting thought seen as she had previously disagreed with the department’s policies. Barker, like any well-trained anthropologist, understood that getting involved with an informant could bring about a certain bias to the work. However, this marriage opened new doors and
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anthro midterm paper - Bush 1 Brittain Bush Anthropology 2...

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