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ISYS 463-03 / Fall 2004 Name ___________________________________________ Quiz 3 – Vers. SG. 10 Points / 2 Questions / 10 minutes. INSTRUCTIONS: Select the one or MORE appropriate and correct answers for each of the questions below based on class lectures and/or the text. ( CIRCLE letters only. Any other way of answering may be marked wrong). Note that a “None of the above”, or similar choice, is worth all of the point value of the question. 1. Specific roles with some of the correct functions performed by that role in a Walkthrough include: A. Maintenance oracle who fulfills a formal quality assurance role for adherence to standards. B. Presenter who suggests participants and the agenda to the coordinator. C. Managers who provide corrections based on non-technical issues. D. Secretary or scribe who writes down the detailed action items list. E. Coordinator or moderator who initiates the walkthrough process by selecting the work product. F.
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