Quiz_1H_F04 - ISYS 463-03 Fall 2004 10 Points 10 Questions...

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ISYS 463-03 / Fall 2004 Name ___________________________________________ Quiz 1 – Vers. SH. (Enter 1SH as Test No. on SCANTRON). 10 Points / 10 Questions / 15 minutes. INSTRUCTIONS: Select the most appropriate answer and enter on SCANTRON form. Read the rules for quizzes and exams on the next page and enter your name above on this sheet. 1. A conceptual model of a system: A. Is not to be considered synonymous with the logical model. B. Shows the tangible components of the system. C. Is an abstract representation of the relevant components of the system. D. Presents all possible perspectives or views of the system. E. None of the above. 2. A system’s behavior is defined by: A. The existence of a boundary, which separates it from its environment. B. The creation of entropy by its components’ properties of differentiation and equifinality. C. The limitation to its lifetime in a well-defined life cycle. D. The hierarchical structure to its components. E. The transformation of a given input into a specific output by its processes. 3. Which of the following is a true statement about CASE? A. CASE assists systems developers in managing the complexities of information systems projects. B.
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Quiz_1H_F04 - ISYS 463-03 Fall 2004 10 Points 10 Questions...

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