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Global Warming Lab Part A:Personal Yearly Output of CO 2 Procedures: 1.Obtain a Ziplock bag and record the mass of the bag 2.Flatten the bag completely by flattening the bag with your hands seal it with the zipper, leaving a very small space for the straw to fit through. The point is to minimize the amount of air in the bag before blowing into it. 3.Start the timer and blow into the bag with equal consistent breaths. 4.Once the bag is completely filled, stop the timer, remove the straw and immediately close the Ziplock bag. 5.Measure the mass of the bag – balance the bag on the scale properly to make sure the mass is properly measured Data: Ziplock Bag without air (g)158.428 g Ziplock Bag with air (g)158.725 g Total Time (s)18.5 s Calculations: 0.297gCO 2 18.5seconds 60seconds 1minute 60minutes 1hour 24hours 1day365days 1year=506280.649506000g year CO 2 Part B:Family Car Output of CO 2 Data:(Given) Car Mileage13000 miles / year Gas Mileage25 miles / gallon Octane Density0.7025 g / ml (at 200C)
Calculations: 13000miles year1
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