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Threats and Controls in the Revenue and Expenditure Cycles In the transaction cycle, a well-designed AIS should provide adequate controls to ensure that the following objectives are met: All transactions are properly authorized. All recorded transactions are valid. All valid and authorized transactions are recorded. All transactions are recorded accurately. Assets are safeguarded from loss or theft. Business activities are performed efficiently and effectively. The company is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. All disclosures are full and fair. There are several actions a company can take with respect to any cycle to reduce threats of errors or irregularities. These include: Using simple, easy-to-complete documents with clear instructions (enhances accuracy and reliability). Using appropriate application controls, such as validity checks and field checks (enhances accuracy and reliability). Providing space on forms to record who completed and who reviewed the form (encourages proper authorizations and accountability). Pre-numbering documents (encourages recording of valid and only valid transactions). Restricting access to blank documents (reduces risk of unauthorized transaction).
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