theo101_ - 1 Hospital hospital waiting room 2 His name is...

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1. Hospital, hospital waiting room 2. His name is Claud Turpin. He’s florid, bald, sturdy, somewhat shorter than Mrs. Turpin, accustomed to doing what she told him to do, passive, submissive 3. Nurse : had the highest stack of yellow hair she’d ever seen Patient by Claud : grasped the two chair arms and hoisted herself up, pulled her dress free from her legs and lumbered through the door Fat 18/19 year old girl : she scowled into a thick blue book entitled ‘Human Development’, she raised her head and directed scowl at Mrs. Turpin as if she didn’t like her looks, appeared annoyed that anyone would speak while she tried to read, her face was blue with acne, Mrs. Turpin thought how pitiful it was to have a face like that Child : blonde boy in dirty blue romper, 5 or 6, slumped down in his seat, arms idle at his sides and eyes idle in his head, nose ran unchecked, no manners-didn’t move over for Mrs. Turpin to sit down Other man in room : lean, stringy, old, rusty hand spread out on each knee, eyes were closed as if he were asleep or dead or pretending to be so as to not get up and offer her his seat Old woman next to child : leathery, old, wore cotton dress, with the child, white trashy, vacant, as if
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theo101_ - 1 Hospital hospital waiting room 2 His name is...

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