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Solution for Homework 23 Torque II Solution to Homework Problem 23.1() Problem: What are the three things that determine the magnitude of a torque? Solution Magnitude of applied force, location of applied force relative to rotation axis, and the direction of applied force. Total Points for Problem: 2 Points Solution to Homework Problem 23.2() Problem: What is free rotation, and about what point or axis does an object under free rotation rotate? Solution Free rotation is the rotation of an object not constrained by any physical axis or other external constraint. Any object
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Unformatted text preview: under free rotation will rotate about its center of mass. Total Points for Problem: 2 Points Solution to Homework Problem 23.3() Problem: When is the angular momentum of a system conserved? Solution The angular momentum of a system is conserved when there is no net external torque acting on the system. Total Points for Problem: 1 Points...
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