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environmental website questions - Located where 4 great...

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The Nature Conservancy 1. What is the mission of the Nature Conservancy? To protect plants, animals & natural communities that represent diversity of life on earth by protecting the land and waters they need to survive 2. Where is the Coral Triangle? In Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific What proportion of the Earth’s coral live there? 76% What is Halmahera? An Indonesian Island encircled by reefs - it has the highest concentration of coral and reef fish species anywhere 3. Should you wash your peanit butter container before recycling? No, because it wastes water and energy, unless your town requires that recyclables be washed 4. What is white nose syndrome? An illness that is killing bats in the Northeast 5. Calculate your carbon footprint - you will have tyo go to the website to do this, there is a calculator (Remember from your book: the Nature Conservancy is the world’s largest land trust) The Wildlands Project 1. Where is the Sky Islands Region? In Southwest US - southeast Arizona, southwest New Mexico, and North Mexico
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Unformatted text preview: Located where 4 great ecoregions converge: The Northern temperate Rocky Mountains Southern subtropical Sierra Madre Occidental Lower elevation Sonoran Desert Higher elevation Chihuahuan Desert 2. What are MegaLinkages and Wildlife Linkages? MegaLinikages - vast pathways that tie natural places together. Within each megalinkage are regional systems of protected areas Wildlife Linkages - protected areas are connected to one another by wildlife linkages - this is public and private land that provide safe passageways for wildlife to move from place to place Pheasants Forever 1. What is the mission? Dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail & other wildlife through habitat improvement, public awareness, education and land management 2. What is the value of shelterbelts to wildlife? Shelterbelts are rows of trees designed to shelter wildlife from harsh winters...
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environmental website questions - Located where 4 great...

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