Midterm 3 Review

Midterm 3 Review - Intro to Human Geography 1992 Fall 2007...

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Intro to Human Geography 1992 Fall 2007 Midterm #3 Review Students with last names beginning with A-F should go to MCDB A2B70 (the biology building just across the plaza from the football stadium) during regular class time (3:00-3:50) on Wednesday, December 5 th . All other students should go to CHEM 140 as usual. This review was put together as an extra service to you by your TAs. Week 11 Chapter 12 Services - Terms o Major Early Urban Settlements: Ur Titris Hoyuk Knossos Troy Mycenae Athens Rome Paris Concepts o Differences and similarities between Mesopotamian and Mediterranean Settlements o Role of Roman Empire and services o Medieval Urban Settlements Churches Walls Markets Shops o Medieval Settlements and military services o Role of modern cities—concentration of business, political power, and consumer and public services. o Transition from manufacturing to providing services in US economy. o What kinds of specialization in services do we see among US cities? o What attracts talent to certain places? o Defining characteristics of Central Business Districts (CBD) o Pedestrian only shopping—Why? What does it look like? Week 12 –
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Lecture:Urban Patterns People (How are these people relevant to thinking about cities?): Ernest Burgess Terms : Psychic overload Fragmentation Rent Vacancy chains Obsolescence Public-private partnerships De-valorization Rent Gap Other analytical approaches to the city : Urban Realms model Deindustrialization and the Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis Land rent theory City as “Hip” “Back to the City” movement of capital Questions to think about : According to Louis Wirth, what characteristics distinguish city life from rural life? Describe some instances where you see the tension between the desire for space and the desire for access to amenities playing out How are the problems of inner cities connected to problems of the suburbs? What is the book referring to when it describes a transition from vertical separation to territorial
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Midterm 3 Review - Intro to Human Geography 1992 Fall 2007...

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