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ANTH 143 – Quiz #2  2/15/08 Quiz Review 1) What is the pelvic size hypothesis? The idea that it takes us a long time to grow up to allow our pelvis (and  birth canal) to teach adult proportions – safely give birth to a large- headed baby 2) What is adrenarche? Increase in production of adrenal androgens – associated with  apperance of axillary and pubic hair o Precedes development of gonadal steroids (gonadarche) and  may contribute to “mid-growth spurt” 3) What are the two growth strategies in male orangutans? Stay juvenile, mate “sneakily” Grow big and obviously reproductively mature (secondary sexual traits)
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Unformatted text preview: o Juvenile arrested development can continue indefinitely, and can resume full development at any time when dominant males no longer pose a threat 4) What is the difference between aging and senescence? Aging showing characteristics of increasing age Senescence the process of becoming old from full reproductive maturity to death o Characterized by increased degradation and decreased reproductive potential and survival 5) What does the term penetrance mean? Degree to which genotype is expressed in phenotype...
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