ANTH143_4 - o Trabecular bone 25/year • With age – o...

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ANTH 143 – Lecture Notes 2/15/08 I. Bone Remodeling Throughout life, internal and external surfaces remodel themselves via  bone deposition and resorption Bone Surfaces o Those that face direction of growth show  deposition o Those that face away from growth show  resorption o Bone actively being resorbed –  surfaces dotted with lacunae that house  osteoclasts  (Howship’s lacunae) o Bone actively forming –  No HL – mineralizing collagen fibers  o Primary Osteon      (Havusian systems) – remodeling secondary  alteration of primary osteons (aka secondary osteons) Application of this info compare counts and densities of  these structures across age groups and species Neanderthal children had a much different rate of  remodeling than modern humans – Neanderthal age at  death <35 Adult bone turnover – o Cortical bone: 2-3%/year
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Unformatted text preview: o Trabecular bone: 25%/year • With age – o bones tend to increase in diameter o trabecular bone grows thins o absorption and remodeling are affected by: vitamin D, calcium parathyroid hormone sex hormones – particularly estrogen estrogen levels work to keep the pace of resorption II. Teeth • Teeth develop in jaws from first few months of fetal life - 18-20y 1) Epithellial Cells dive down from mouth cavity to jaws 2) Interact with mesenchyme -> tooth germ/bud 3) inner enamel epithelium (IEE) expands and buckles at different rates -> sites of future cusps/fissures 4) cells of IEE induce cells opposite to form into odontoblasts (form dentin) 5) enamel forming cells ( ameloblasts ) move out to form enamel on top of the enamel-dentin junction (EDJ)...
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ANTH143_4 - o Trabecular bone 25/year • With age – o...

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