ANTH143_4 - o Trabecular bone: 25%/year With age o bones...

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ANTH 143 – Lecture Notes 2/15/08 I. Bone Remodeling Throughout life, internal and external surfaces remodel themselves via  bone deposition and resorption Bone Surfaces o Those that face direction of growth show  deposition o Those that face away from growth show  resorption o Bone actively being resorbed –  surfaces dotted with lacunae that house  osteoclasts  (Howship’s lacunae) o Bone actively forming –  No HL – mineralizing collagen fibers  o Primary Osteon      (Havusian systems) – remodeling secondary  alteration of primary osteons (aka secondary osteons) Application of this info compare counts and densities of  these structures across age groups and species Neanderthal children had a much different rate of  remodeling than modern humans – Neanderthal age at  death <35 Adult bone turnover – o Cortical bone: 2-3%/year
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Unformatted text preview: o Trabecular bone: 25%/year With age o bones tend to increase in diameter o trabecular bone grows thins o absorption and remodeling are affected by: vitamin D, calcium parathyroid hormone sex hormones particularly estrogen estrogen levels work to keep the pace of resorption II. Teeth Teeth develop in jaws from first few months of fetal life - 18-20y 1) Epithellial Cells dive down from mouth cavity to jaws 2) Interact with mesenchyme -&gt; tooth germ/bud 3) inner enamel epithelium (IEE) expands and buckles at different rates -&gt; sites of future cusps/fissures 4) cells of IEE induce cells opposite to form into odontoblasts (form dentin) 5) enamel forming cells ( ameloblasts ) move out to form enamel on top of the enamel-dentin junction (EDJ)...
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ANTH143_4 - o Trabecular bone: 25%/year With age o bones...

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