Study Guide- Quiz 3

Study Guide- Quiz 3 - 14.Find passages where the Koran...

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1. How do the 5 Pillars contribute to creating a cohesive, unified umma? 2. How do the Pillars work to eliminate, or ameliorate, class divisions? 3. What of historical significance happened in the month of Ramadan? 4. Why does the Hajj, the Great Pilgrimage, center on Mecca? 5. What building do Muslims visit as the focal point of the Hajj? Ka’aba 6. What happens to those Muslims who do not follow the 5 Pillars? 7. How does the Koran make provision for exceptions to these rules? 8. According to these selections, what should be the relations among Jews, Christians, and Muslims? 9. How does the Koran define the differences between Muslims and Jews and Christians? 10.How are Muslims taught to think about Abraham, Moses, and Jesus? 11.What is the meaning of jihad? 12.Under what conditions does this selection countenance (support) fighting jihad against “non- believers”? 13.Does the Koran instruct Muslims to force others to convert to Islam?
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Unformatted text preview: 14.Find passages where the Koran discusses family relationships and relationships between husbands and wives. 15.Do women hold a lowly status in Muslim society? 16.How does the Koran regulate divorce? 17.What advice does it offer to men as to the care of wives and children? 18.Do these provisions of the Koran appear to create, or enhance, a patriarchal society? 19.According to the reading, is Islam a salvation religion? 20.Will its followers merit a reward after death? 21.Will they conquer evil and find eternal life? 22.What role does the Devil, or Satan, play in these selections? 23.Is Muhammad divine? NO! 24.What role does he play in bringing Muslims to eternal life, or does he? He doesn’t because he is NOT divine, he was just a prophet, he is not worshipped or prayed to either. Define the following… Haram: sanctuary Ka’aba: Hijra: Umma: Imam: Sura: Sunna: Hadith: Five Pillars:...
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Study Guide- Quiz 3 - 14.Find passages where the Koran...

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