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Geo 180, Weather and Climate Name ________________________________ Homework Read chapter 12 and answer the following. Circle the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The forecasts for regional weather systems (those affecting several states) are prepared by A) National Weather Service B) Weather Service Offices C) State Weather Forecast Offices D) National Cyclone Center 2) The positions of fronts are identified on a surface weather map through their association with A) large changes in wind direction B) large changes in humidity C) abrupt changes in temperature D) all of the above 3) On Synoptic weather charts, the temperature at a station can be found in which quadrant?: A) South West B) North East C) South East D) North West 4) Why is the pattern of upper-level winds an important part of the forecasting process? A) surface pressure controls the wind aloft B) jet streams aloft always lead to storms C) it strongly influences the development of surface storms
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