Final Review- Weather and Climate

Final Review- Weather and Climate - Geo 180, Weather and...

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Geo 180, Weather and Climate Review and Terms to Know – Final Exam Chapter 13, Air pollution Historic examples Sources of Pollution Primary Pollutants Carbon Monoxide Sulfur Oxides Nitrogen Oxides Volatiles Particulate matter Lead Secondary Pollutants Smog (photochemical Acid rain (ph scale) Controls Clean air act, New source review Temperature Inversion Chapter 14, The Changing Climate Climate system Detecting Climate Change Sea floor sediment and Oxygen isotopes Paleosols Tree Rings Ice cores Natural causes of Climate Change Plate tectonics Volcanic activity Variations in Earth’s orbit Milankovitch cycles Eccentricity, obliquity, precession Solar variability Human activity as cause of climate change Green house gasses Carbon dioxide emissions and levels in atmosphere Temperature increases Evidence for change Kyoto Protocol Global Dimming 1
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Chapter 15, World Climates Climate controls Latitude (angle of sun) Land and water Geographic position and prevailing winds Mountains and Highlands Ocean currents Pressure and wind systems Cloud cover and Albedo Climate Classification Koppen classification A – humid tropical Tropical rain forest, savanna, monsoon B – dry Arid (desert), semiarid (steppe) C – humid mid latitude, mild winter
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Final Review- Weather and Climate - Geo 180, Weather and...

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