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SBAR for Olivia Jones Hello,My name is Kathleen Van Dusen and I am the overnight nurse and I am giving end of shift handoff report for the patient Olivia Jones. Olivia Jones is a 23-year-old African American female who is G1 P0000 at 36 0/7 weeks of gestation. She is admitted for preeclampsia, assessed, and monitored in the labor and delivery unit, her mother is at the bedside for comfort and support. Olivia’s pregnancy has been uneventful until a 30-week prenatal exam revealed an elevated blood pressure of 146/92, protein urea, and the onset of moderate preeclampsia. She has been on bed rest at home with deteriorating symptoms until her prenatal check up today. Olivia has gained 3 pounds since her last visit a week ago. Protein dipstick is +4, negative ketones, negative glucose, +2 dependent edema, and facial puffiness. Olivia complains of a headache that wasn’t relieved by Tylenol. She is experiencing severe nausea and exhaustion, epigastric discomfort, vision disturbances, and chest tightness, The fetus is active, but the patient states the baby is not moving as much as usual.
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