Unit 1 Notes from Reading - ENGL 1060

Unit 1 Notes from Reading - ENGL 1060 - • Jamestown VA o...

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May 5, 2008 ENGL 1600 Unit 1 Notes from Reading (pg. 1-12) The Literature of Colonial America The US grew out of: o Religious controversy o Desire of monarchs to expand empires o Longing for land, adventure and gold o Nations’ efforts to rid themselves of surplus populations Unemployed Criminals European influence o Early settlers didn’t identify as American o Mostly English influence Native Americans o Many different languages (none written) o Lacked unified cultural tradition Obstacles to cultural exchange: o Wilderness o Mountains o Great distances o Great differences European expansion began with Spanish Conquest of lands they called “Las Indias” o Spain grew rich with wealth from New World England moved slowly
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o Small and poor country o Rebellion and turmoil in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland o Didn’t want to spend money
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Unformatted text preview: • Jamestown, VA o 1 st permanent English settlement o Established 1607 • Pilgrims of Plymouth and Puritans of Massachusetts Bay o Product of Renaissance rebirth of classical learning began in Italy in 14 th and 15 th centuries end of Middle Ages, beginning of modern civilization Secular humanism Gunpowder and printing press Scientific inquiry o Product of Reformation Protestant separation from Roman Catholicism o Believed break from Roman Catholicism not enough o Believed literal translation of Geneva Bible o Also called “Separatists” o Religion was their primary concern o Great emphasis on education o Literature Plain and simple style o Unity of Puritans declined by end of colonial period...
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Unit 1 Notes from Reading - ENGL 1060 - • Jamestown VA o...

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