330 Midterm Guide (Odds)

330 Midterm Guide (Odds) - 1 What are four perspectives in...

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1 What are four perspectives in the study of International Political Eocnomy identified by J. Frieiden and D. Lake? (Other than Liberalism, Realism, and Historical Structuralism) a. International Political View - focus on constraints on national states by the geostrategic and diplomatic environment in which they operate - Focus on inherent conflict among states in a hostile world b. International Economic Perspective - Highlights global socio-economic factors - Internal developments in technology, telecommunications, finance, and production fundamentally shape government policy In class she discussed the industrial revolution During the 1830’s Great Britain owned 80% of the newer industrial materials and machinery This motivated Britain to adopt open market policies Repeal of Corn Law in 1936 c. Domestic Institutional Perspective - Focus on states - Emphasizes the role of domestic institutions within the state to control agenda setting - Naitonal policymakers are most important actors d. Domestic Societal Perspective - Focus within national borders - Primary focus is on economic and sociopolitical actors (Not politicians) - Main determinants of policy are individuals, firms and groups rather than indpendent action by policymakers - Main example used in book
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330 Midterm Guide (Odds) - 1 What are four perspectives in...

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