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362 notes - Arabs - lineage language religion geographic...

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Arabs - lineage - language - religion - geographic location - customs - there has been a lot written aotu who is arab/why - some argue that those who grow up speaking Arabic are arab - there isn’t ALWAYS a rule rgarding language/ who is/isn’t arab - religion: it is true that a majority of arabs are muslims - but it is also true that an important minority are Christian and some of the most prominent figures among arab nationlist parties in the years - common history-common heritage… this is important to a lot of arabs - but Arabic history has often been taught as Islamic history - the point going through all of this is to say there is no simple definiton - there are different elements of what someone considers an arab identity - there are arabs and Arabic speakers all across the region - throughout the Arabian peninsula and then as far south as into Africa, Egypt and the northern part of sudan Semitic: comes from one of the sons of naoh. It is a linguistic term that is used to categorize and understand the relationship between languages. The most prominent are Arabic, Hebrew. It ends ups being applied to people who are speakers of this language, however it has become attached to Jews. However, the origins of the word are much broader than that. Kurds: - northern iraq/turkey - also in iran and Syria - the Kurdish region extends from southeastern turkey into northwestern iran into northern iraq and then into northern Syria - there are lots of people who identify themselves as arabs and muslims who don’t trace their lineage to the arabs who came out of the peninsula - the kurds are a group who converted to islam and converted to islam - there are Kurdish jews/ Shiite kurds
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362 notes - Arabs - lineage language religion geographic...

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