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Season of Life Paper - Kathleen Cherrie PSY 345 Season of...

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Kathleen Cherrie April 28, 2008 PSY 345 Season of Life 1. Achieve excellence When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself And see what that guy has to say. For it isn’t your mother, brother or friends Whose judgment you must pass. The person whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back in the glass. This poem (pg. 9) is the heart of what it means to achieve excellence. Sure people have many different motivations for doing things they do, but those who are successful and thrive are the ones intrinsically motivated. They are the ones who go out every day and give whatever they’re doing their all because they love it. The Gilman boys are motivated in this same manner because they truly love the game and that is reflected in their stellar performance. They may have been placed out there because of their parents, but the reason they stay is for themselves. Because they know how much they can achieve out on that field and they love doing so. Biff and the other coached talk about being a man for others and not thinking about your own desires and wishes, and the boys on the team all aspire to become a man for others. They know what they really want and go for it, and they do this for themselves because they want that guy in the glass to be selfless and successful. In order to achieve excellence, one must go through hardships. It is not enough to go through life being completely successful in everything, because what joy does that bring when you do not know how good your success truly is? Experiencing both success and failure are key to understanding what it means to achieve excellence and value that. This is why “each year the coaches wanted to find new challenges beyond the standard part of the schedule.” (pg. 80) By mapping out a tougher schedule, the coaches were challenging the boys to step up and perform better than they ever have before. An easy schedule where Gilman would simply walk over their opponents to make it to the championship was not the right way to go. This does not challenge the players in any fashion, and their success would not hold as much value because they
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wouldn’t have had to work that hard to get it. “‘I don’t think anything that’s good is easy, [Biff] said. ‘I don’t think anything really worthwhile is easy.’” (pg. 90) Instead, it is better for the team to play much tougher opponents and truly show their ability. Winning the championship would mean that much more if Gilman had a very tough schedule they had to struggle through and still come out on top, even if that meant taking some losses. As Biff said, nothing worthwhile is ever easy and it has to be that way because otherwise nobody would ever strive to be greater. “Things that are worthwhile and important are hard .” (pg. 91) and that is why it feels so amazing when you finally get there and experience success. Another important component to achieving excellence is a cause.
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Season of Life Paper - Kathleen Cherrie PSY 345 Season of...

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