Patriot Chiefs book precis

Patriot Chiefs book precis - The Patriot Chiefs is a...

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The Patriot Chiefs is a detailed account of the force that the Native Americans put forth in an attempt to secure their land and get the settlers back to where they came from. Josephy illustrates the details, sometimes gruesome, in the stories of Native leaders that took to war to help free their country and revert to embracing the ways of there fathers. The Patriot Chiefs is also about historic Native uprisings. It is the story of how some of the Indians’ most popular patriots fought and died, as martyrs, to keep what they have always known and loved, their heritage and land. Since the story is told from the Native’s side, we know they did not accept the ways of the settlers and they had no problem turning to violence to show their dismay. Pope was a medicine man that little is known about. What is known is that he was responsible for one of the most successful Native revolts of all time. He was able to hold on to his beliefs and withstand Spanish brutality. This helped set the strong example for others to follow. Pope was able to overcome great geographical and language barriers to begin a revolt. He met with other Native leaders in a Kiva and planned a simultaneous revolt. The mere fact that Pope was able to get all these tribes together and be able to work out a detailed and timed revolt is nothing short of amazing. Each representative was given a piece of rope with a certain number of knots tied into it so each could tell there
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Patriot Chiefs book precis - The Patriot Chiefs is a...

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