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Nature of Third World City

Nature of Third World City - Topic Homework#1"Discuss the...

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Topic: Homework #1 “Discuss the essential nature of a Third World City” Our planet is divided into countries with three extensive classifications: the first world, second world and third world countries. First world countries, which are considered developed, industrialized and technologically advanced countries. The second world refers to the former Soviet Union and the communist countries that followed (Wikipedia, 2007) 1 . Discussing the third world in the United States is most commonly known as talking about developing countries governed with questionable political agendas. The term “third world” was first devised in 1952 by Alfred Sauvy, a French demographer, on the model of Sieyès’s declaration concerning the Third Estate during the French revolution. Later, the third world was universally referred to nations that remained neutral during the Cold War (Wikipedia, 2007) 2 . There are several reasons why third worlds exist. A couple of those factors include climate and wars. The term “third
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