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HIST270 Parker, MWF @ 11am Franklin, an individual Benjamin Franklin, a man well known for signing the Declaration of Independence, was one of the most influential people of the 18 th century. Franklin’s innovative ideas always had a social impact on both his local communities and the entire American Colonies. Franklin would have taken the position of individualism, although he always was on the lookout for the best interests of his communities. Franklin from a young boy, worked for others in order to pursue a career in writing and reading. Franklin created a group called the Junto where he had meetings in which the club members came to converse with each other about philosophy, politics and morals. Because of all the reading Franklin had done, he had seen so many different meanings to different virtues, therefore he wanted to created virtues to use in his life to improve his self-interest and way of life. Franklin invented many successful things such as the stove that we still have today. He also had great success in science with inventions such as the lightning rod. Finally, as a diplomat for the American colonies he worked hard to cut tax levies and establish a colonial defense. As Franklin bettered his own life through his values, he did take part in the making the area his colonial area safer and gave a better quality of life for others. From when he was a young boy to his teens, Benjamin Franklin worked for others in printing in order to pursue his career in printing periodicals. Franklin started in the printing business with his brother, James Franklin. Their father, Josiah Franklin decided that because Benjamin was the head of his class in school and loved reading books, he would do well as his brother’s apprentice. James and Benjamin never got along and Benjamin quit his brother’s newspaper. He moved on secretly by himself to find new work in another printing business. Franklin set out on his own, with the knowledge he was raised with and what he interpreted from books and pursued traveling to places as New York City and Philadelphia, but he was unsuccessful in finding work as a printer. Since he was so easy to get along with, many people opened their homes to him until he
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Hist270 - HIST270 Parker, MWF @ 11am Franklin, an...

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