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Lewis and Clark comparison

Lewis and Clark comparison - HIST 270 Parker Lewis and...

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HIST 270 Parker Lewis and Clark Comparison In this country’s great history, there have been many important expeditions, discoveries, and wonders. One of the most famous and important expeditions in this country’s history is that of Lewis and Clark. Their journey was set upon them by President Jefferson to gather as much information about different tribes across North America while finding the best passage to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark encountered many different Indian tribes. Most accepted their presence but some saw them as enemies, threatened mostly by their weapons. Mary Rowlandson and Benjamin Franklin unfortunately did not share the same experience with the Indians as Lewis and Clark did. Mary Rowlandson was held in captivity by the Indians for a life changing experience. Benjamin Franklin dealt with them more politically. All their experiences were different, particularly because they all dealt with different tribes and you could see how the different tribes felt about the whites and their plans with their land. Lewis and Clark met and exchanged with many different Native American tribes. Their expedition group was called Corps of Discovery. President Jefferson’s plan for the expedition was to find the best way to the Pacific Ocean while gathering as much information about the different Indian tribes as possible. When conversing with the first tribe they met, the Sioux, trading was one of the main concerns for the Indians. Lewis and Clark did what they could to help them in their trading, but the language barrier and
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