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February 11, 2008 Hormonal cycle; completes at puberty. Hormones change as we get older. Stay consistent for 20-30 years. Sexual Differentiation. Chromosomal /Genetic Sex Gonadal Sex Hormonal Sex Internal genitalia Phenotypic Sex external genitalia.3-4 months. Gender Assignment Gender Identity Children typically can distinguish btwenn genders by 1 year old They learn by habitation. If you keep showing them the same picture every day, when you change the picture they distinguish a difference. Based on external characteristics. Not viewed as constant. By 2 years old they know boys from girls Develop preference for friends boys or girls (playmates) toys. Preference for same sex playmates and sex typed activities. They know the difference=boys cannot wear pink, girls cannot By 3-4 Gender constancy develops Know who you are and you will not change. Gender identity: GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER Intersexual: Chromosoal, hormonal, Bi Androgyny Cross-genderism/gender-bending Some people choose to bend their gender. Key: if you feel like a boy or a girl (inside). In your face . Sometimes includes TRANSSEXUALISM. o SEE YOURSELF AS THE OTHER GENDER. o WANT TO TRANSITION-FEEL LIKE THE INSIDE. MALE TO FEMALE, FEMALE TO MALE. To change your sex to the way you feel in the inside. You must get treatment, so it must be defined as a DISORDER by a Doctor. Definitions Gender Identity Disorder: Almost always begins as children. But. .not all children with GID become transsexual adults No biological abnormalities in genitals. Not associated with major psychopathology = they are not crazy. Not due to sexual orientation. 1
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o Not a result of feeling embarrassed about being gay. o Can be either gynephillic or androphilic MTF are twice as likely at FTM ( female to male). Causes unknown. Possible genetic differences in androgen receptors.(fewer androgen receptors) Androgen Sensitivity. Possible difference in prenatal exposure of the brain to masculinizing and defeminizing. Get both females, but not male hormones. Socialization differences (view no longer the major consensus) Not accepted in our culture-therefore transsexuals had to lie about who they are political reason. Strong and persistent cross gender identification, not just at times of stress. Persistent discomfort with sex or sense of inappropriateness of gender role. Some cases of gential mutilation as a result of feeling like a woman, but being a MAN. Not related to having a physical intersex condition. Causing clinically significant distress or impairment (gender dysphoria). Treatment: Psychotherapy is not successful. Sex reassignment is then the option.
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part2examclassnotes - Hormonal cycle completes at puberty...

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