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SIOUX FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT PROGRAMMING WITH JAVA MAY 2014 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is an introductory course in computer programming with the Java language. Emphasis will be on decision-making, problem solving, program development and graphics, correct syntax, debugging a program, and arrays. Security and ethics will be additional topics covered throughout the semester. Programming in Java is a sequence of two courses designed to provide a thorough foundation of the Java computer language. STANDARDS: South Dakota Educational Technology Standards 9-12.NC.1.1 Compare and contrast how societal changes mirror innovations and emerging technologies 9-12.NC.1.2 Predict how the evolution of technology will influence the design and development of future technology. 9-12.NC.2.1 Analyze technology systems to make informed choices. 9-12.NC.3.1 Analyze intended and unintended impacts of a system 9-12.NC.3.2 Integrate technology into school, home and community 9-12.NC.3.3 Evaluate technologies that increase educational and workplace opportunities 9-12.NC.4.1 Compare and contrast other problem-solving and decision-making methods 9-12.SI.1.1 Evaluate the need for acceptable use policies. 9-12.SI.1.2 Compile a list of immediate and long-range effects of ethical and unethical uses of technology on individual and society. 9-12.CT.1.1 Incorporate knowledge and enhanced usage skills to create a product. 9-12.CT.1.2 Apply strategies for identifying and solving routine hardware and software issues. 9-12.CT. 2.2 Investigate to apply expert systems, intelligent agents, and simulations in real- world situations. 9-12.CT.2.3 Utilize online information resources routinely and efficiently to meet needs for collaboration, research, publication, communication, and productivity. 9-12.CP.1.1 collaborate with external peers, experts, and others by using technology to compile, synthesize, produce, and disseminate information, models, and other creative works 9-12.CP.2.1 Adapt delivery of communication based on available information technologies. 9-12.IL.1.1 Design a research project using a variety of technologies to find information to solve a real-world problem.
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