psych372. 3_10 (exam3)

psych372. 3_10 (exam3) - March 10, 2008 Pregnancy With...

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March 10, 2008 Pregnancy With normal fertility : o Pregnancy occurs within 6 months for 70% of couples who have intercourse without contraception several times per week o Fertility problems = no pregnancy within one year (10-15% of couples) Fertilization/Conception o Mature egg o Menstrual cycle o Egg released at ovulation o Enters fallopian tube o Fertilization usually takes place within 24 hours after copulation o Mature Sperm o Maturation in male semniferious tubules and epidiymus o Sperm gets to the fallopian tubes o Maturation in male: capication and activation Sperm Meets Egg o Acrinsine reaction occurs o Zona pelucida prevents other sperm from entering o Conceptus (fertilized egg now called zygote) begins division after several hours o Continues dividing for about 6 days as blastocyst develops and reaches zona pelucida Uterine Lining is Being Prepared o Luteul phase of menstrual cycle o Corpus luteum develops after ovulation o Secretes progesterone and estrogen o Uterine edometrium thickens Arrives in Uterus o By about 1 week implants in uterine wall
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psych372. 3_10 (exam3) - March 10, 2008 Pregnancy With...

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