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Holocaust Review Sheet - Kate Levy 10.23.2007 HIS 230 A...

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Kate Levy 10.23.2007 HIS 230 A Midterm Review 1. “Binding of Isaac”-Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac to God a. Shows faithfulness and loyalty to God’s will b. Abraham never consulted his wife about the sacrifice c. God was displeased/angry at Abraham for obeying him blindly i. Should have questioned God ii. God wanted to talk with Abraham-failed dialogue d. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GOD AND THE JEWS i. Jews are surrounded by God’s presence and are always asking questions of God in their never-ending quest for truth e. God and Isaac never spoke to Abraham after this event 2. Deicide- The act of killing a God a. There is no greater crime than killing a God b. If the crucification of Jesus is accepted as deicide, than it justifies the hatred of Jews i. Bible-Book of Matthew-Is this truly an actual account? ii. Bible must be interpreted and may point towards the Jews for this crime, but does not take into account others involved. 3. Diaspora- the scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity a. After 134 A.D. b. Jews lose their homeland and are expelled from Israel 4. Nicean Creed-A formal statement of doctrine of the Christian faith adopted at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. a. Officially claims Jesus is the son of God b. Mention of the Holy Spirit and Blessed Trinity c. True separation between Jews and Christians i. Belief of Jesus as the son was a Christian belief d. Perhaps more out of spite than the need to separate religions 5. Constantine, the Great-Emperor of Rome that proclaimed Christianity to be the religion of the Roman Empire a. 337 A.D. b. Constantine not religious by nature-dream of Christianity while delirious before battle (312 A.D.) c. In order to hold the empire together, Constantine made an alliance with the church, in return proclaimed Christianity d. Effects i. Stalled the fall of the Roman Empire (476 A.D.) ii. Bishop of Rome becomes the highest Bishop-Pope iii. Status of Jews in Rome goes under attack/is undermined 6. Second Covenant- (After 70 A.D.) a. Supersessionism- Belief that God’s relationship with the Christians supercedes God’s relationship with the Jews b. Belief started by St. Syprian that the covenant was now replaced i. 2 nd Destruction of the temple was proof 7. St. Augustine (354-430 A.D.) a. Originally a pagan turned Christian b. Preached that Jews should not be killed or physically harmed, but instead should be humiliated and persecuted-still tolerated
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i. Reminder to Christians of what happens to those who don’t believe in Jesus 8. St. John of Chrysostomos (347-407 A.D.) a. Bishop of Antioch-one of the most prominent church heads b. Preached that it was “the duty of Christians to hate the Jews 9. Theodosian Code (438 A.D.)- Established an inferior status of the Jews during Medieval Times a. Jews are nefarious sect-not entitled to rights b. Punished if messing with those converting to Christianity c. No Christian slaves d. No preaching religion e. No intermarriage
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Holocaust Review Sheet - Kate Levy 10.23.2007 HIS 230 A...

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