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Part 4, Lecture 2 - Social Stratification: A Contemporary Global Perspective I. Neocolonialism and the Modern World System II. Worlds I, II, III, IV III. Developed, Less/underdeveloped Countries IV. Measures of Underdevelopment A. Low tech, econ dev B. income inequality C. low standard of living D. demographic characteristics 1. young populations 2. hi infant mortality 3. pop growth 4. low standards of health and nutrition V. Theories of Underdevelopment
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Unformatted text preview: A. Modernization Theory, Neoliberalism 1. origins 2. assumptions (original state, internal defs., capital, outdate business tech, mentality) 3. how to change 4. where to look for future B. Critique VI. World Systems/Dependency Theory A. Origins B. Core, Periphery, Semi Periphery C. Explanations 1. export dependency 2. debt trap 3. IMF Structural Adjustment Policies 4. World Bank 5. Multinational Corporations...
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