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Chapter 31 Study Guide

Chapter 31 Study Guide - Chapter 31 1 Not fungi are...

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Chapter 31 1.     Not Answered _____ fungi are decomposers. (Concept 31.1 ) The Correct Answer: Saprobic 2.     Not Answered There is a fungus in Oregon that covers 890 hectares! The bulk of this fungus is most likely _____. (Concept 31.1 ) The Correct Answer: mycelium 3.     Not Answered In fungi, the function of the mycelium is _____. (Concept 31.1 ) The Correct Answer: obtaining food 4.     Not Answered Fungi that consist of a continuous mass containing hundreds or thousands of nuclei are known as _____. (Concept 31.1 ) The Correct Answer: coenocytic 5.     Not Answered The hyphae of parasitic fungi that are modified to penetrate and absorb nutrients from host tissue are called _____. (Concept 31.1 ) The Correct Answer: haustoria 6.     Not Answered Which choice below generally represents the correct order of events in fungal sexual reproduction? (Concept 31.1 ) The Correct Answer: plasmogamy, karyogamy, meiosis, germination 7.     Not Answered Which one of the following statements about fungi is false? (Concept 31.2 ) The Correct Answer: Fungal spores are diploid cells in virtually all species. 8.     Not Answered What role do pheromones play in fungal sexual reproduction? (Concept 31.2 ) The Correct Answer: Fungi use these chemical signals to determine whether a potential sexual partner is of a suitable mating type. 9.     Not Answered Hyphae with two nuclei per cell are called _____. (Concept 31.2 ) The Correct Answer: dikaryotic 10.     Not Answered We know the yeasts are not protists because under certain conditions they form short filaments of cells, or hyphae. Additional evidence that they are fungi is that they _____. (Concept 31.2 ) The Correct Answer: produce asci when they reproduce sexually 11.     Not Answered Fungal species are classified in a particular phylum based on _____. (Concept 31.2 ) The Correct Answer: the type of sexual structure they form 12.     Not Answered Molecular evidence suggests that fungi _____. (Concept 31.3 ) The Correct Answer: and animals have a common ancestor 13.     Not Answered In contrast to plants, the cell walls of fungi are composed of _____. (Concept 31.3 ) The Correct Answer: chitin
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14.     Not Answered Which feature below is unique to chytrids? (Concept 31.4 )
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Chapter 31 Study Guide - Chapter 31 1 Not fungi are...

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