HIS Case Studies 13-17

HIS Case Studies 13-17 - Joshua Huver 12 March, 2008 T....

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Joshua Huver 12 March, 2008 T. Campbell HIS 1120 Case Studies 13 – 17 CS13 1. The diary entries of each soldier revealed several opinions of authority, the enemy, and the press. The view of authority was that now that they are in the battlefield, the rule of thumb is to “carry on if you’re fit…” and to call for a retreat if needed. Authority in the case of the Battle of Somme was somewhat nearsighted as they continued the troops forward with out seeing the massacre in front of them by the German machine guns. The enemy was viewed as a brutal and ruthless monster, nearly unstoppable and impossible to advance upon with their machine guns littering the battle ground with bodies of fallen comrades. Yet a common despise for the enemy created the drive for each soldier to continue forward and try their best, regardless. The press is looked down upon as it will report to the country inaccurate numbers and false hopes in order to keep public moral high. 2. The diary entries reveal that each soldier is dedicated and determined to serve their country. They are taken aback by the sheer volume of loss, yet even when they are told to walk to the fight “[o]ur boys, however, rushed forward with splendid impetuosity.” CS14 1. Yes, the suggestions made by McMahon in his letter provide a great perspective on the political problems of the Middle East, primarily their lack and therefore need of legal/military/economic advice, the beginnings to launch independent states, and protection of their land all as seen fit as the higher up powers of the people in the Middle East, i.e., who it affects the most. 2. Yes, I believe that the British government had the authority to promise the birth of an
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HIS Case Studies 13-17 - Joshua Huver 12 March, 2008 T....

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