HIS Case Study 8

HIS Case Study 8 - were divided into their own separate...

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Joshua Huver 13 February, 2008 T. Campbell HIS 1120 Case Study 8 No, I don’t think that Rousseau’s views that the law of nature dictates that man was born strong and woman weak, allowing the principle that “woman was specifically made to please man,” can be considered enlightenment. I think that Rousseau definitely uses enlightened modes of thought and given his politically enlightened status in history, it is safe to say that most people would believe whatever he said as typically enlightened. But I think otherwise. All he is doing is systematically going through the details and creating justifications for the reasons women held little to no places of power, and why it should be that way. I also think that Rousseau had some kind of ulterior motive. He was French, and there has been a bitter rivalry between the French and the English since they
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Unformatted text preview: were divided into their own separate states. The English are renowned for their monarchy worldwide, and it has often fallen into such a monarchy where there is no king, only a woman queen, who is ruler of all of England. Queens Mary I, Elizabeth I, and many others are examples of this, and I think that some of Rousseaus bitter English resentment was coming through on his placing of women in a strictly submissive and household setting. All Rousseau is doing is reiterating a belief that has been around since the beginning of time, and since the enlightenment is all about discovering new ideas and changing ways of thought, there is no way that support of that age old stigma of society can be considered enlightened....
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HIS Case Study 8 - were divided into their own separate...

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