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HIS Case Study 9 - apart from their families without the...

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Joshua Huver 13 February, 2008 T. Campbell HIS 1120 Case Study 9 Part of Mary Wollstonecraft’s problem with women’s education is that they are not receiving the same kind of education that men receive. That is to say, women are taught from a young age to never be independent, and if they are independent that it is a sin against their family and their names. They are taught to be domestic and wholly unworldly. Women are subjugated and forced to allow themselves to be regarded as a weaker and less important sex, admired only for their sex. They cannot really function
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Unformatted text preview: apart from their families without the proper education. She compares women’s education to the military education. She says that women and men alike whose ‘minds have been stored with knowledge or fortified with principles.’ They receive the same punctual training as the military yet are expected to act submissive to all men. It has been a frustration for Wollstonecraft so much that she offers a plea to God at the end of her passage, asking if that is all she has really been placed on earth for, domestic servitude and worldly submission? She disagrees....
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