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HIS Case Study 11 - Sometimes women would work all day with...

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Joshua Huver 20 February, 2008 T. Campbell HIS 1120 Case Study 11 1. Many women preferred to work in the mines without clothing because clothing would often get in the way of how fast they were able to trap, hurry, fill, riddle, tip, and occasionally get. The belt and chains are supposed to be a chastity belt and help prevent the women from getting raped and or having consensual sexual relations while in the colliery. 2. These women miners would work from about 6 am to 6 pm every day with an hour off at noon to eat lunch, usually something simple like bread and butter, but nothing to drink.
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes women would work all day with no food until dinner. Familial costs were that the women were not around to take care of their children unless they are old enough to work in the collieries. Their conditions often cause them to be sick and very tired. Socially, no one wants to socialize with a dirty, unwashed woman of the mines. As noted by the Sub-Commissioner Scriven: [The] girl is an ignorant, filthy, ragged, and deplorable looking object, and such a one as the uncivilized natives of the praries would be shocked to look upon....
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