HIS Response 3 - control of the English government What he...

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Joshua Huver 28 January, 2008 T. Campbell HIS 1120 Response Question 3: Why did Henry VIII break with the Catholic Church? Was the ‘new’ religion he established really Protestant? Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church because by 1527, Henry and his wife had produced only a single child, a girl. It was considered unacceptable for the King to pass on and leave only a female heir to his throne, therefore the King was very upset. When Henry asked for an annulment, he was denied because Catholic law forbade it. Because the first marriage required a special papal dispensation in the first place, (Catherine was engaged to Henry’s deceased brother), Pope Clement VII refused to bend the rules a second time. This angered Henry and he decided to break away from the Catholic Church and renounce papal authority over the King of England. He then had parliament pass a series of legislation that placed any clergy member in England under
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Unformatted text preview: control of the English government. What he had created was then known as the Church of England, or the Anglican Church. With these actions he wed a woman whom he had lusted over, Anne Boleyn and the new laws stated her children by King Henry would be considered legitimate heirs to the throne. This separation from the papal authority by England is not really protestant in my mind. They still believed in the transubstantiation of the Body and Blood of Christ during Holy Eucharist, he still believed in oral confession of sins to a priest, and declared that vows of celibacy were not to be broken. To say that the Church of England is ‘basically Catholic’ would be more correct than saying that Lutheranism or Calvinism is ‘basically Catholic.’ Mostly because of the continuation of the aforementioned Catholic sacraments which are not included, and are in some cases even replaced, in traditional Protestant doctrines....
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HIS Response 3 - control of the English government What he...

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