Is Jack Bauer a Messianic Hero

Is Jack Bauer a - Joshua Huver 28 April 2008 J Bird REL 1120 Extra Credit Jack Bauer Messianic Hero After listening and reading along with the NPR

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Joshua Huver 28 April, 2008 J. Bird REL 1120 Extra Credit: Jack Bauer: Messianic Hero? After listening and reading along with the NPR broadcast, I would agree that Jack Bauer is a Messianic hero of sorts. Just as stated in the intro, “we’ve always had fictional heroes who can single-handedly save us from the bad guys.” But what makes him a Messianic hero? In the gospel of Mark, there is the overall tone in the gospel that Jesus is returning soon, within the evangelists’ lifetime. There is also a war going on between the Romans and the Jews of Palestine, so in this context, some people expected to see Jesus return in glory to help them defeat the Romans and reclaim Palestine as their own. They would love nothing more than to see an action hero, a warrior of God, whom they had been expecting for hundreds of years already. Sadly for those hopeful, Jesus was not that kind of hero. His message of love prevailed over any violence. Yet that doesn’t change the Messianic expectation that came
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