My Essence of Christ

My Essence of Christ - Joshua Huver 1 February 2008 J Bird...

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Joshua Huver 1 February, 2008 J. Bird REL 1120-B My Essence of Christ Being raised Catholic and attending Catholic schools for 12 years, when I hear the name ‘Jesus Christ,’ it becomes immediately synonymous with a plethora of different names and titles, the listing of which could easily fill the 1-2 page requirement for this paper. But I won’t do that, because it wouldn’t be fair. Growing up I had always heard stories of Christ healing, making the best decisions, being honest to everyone all the time, and providing for those who were in need, regardless of his own situation. He was humble and did not want a big deal made over Him, and He was basically the end-all, be-all role model for being a perfect citizen no matter where He was. I basically imagined Him as what He basically was: the perfect person. The part that my parents and my grade school teachers always stressed to me about how He was perfect was because He was God’s Son. If I knew one thing about Jesus it was to be that He was the Son of God. That is the cornerstone of every Christian faith. Without belief in Jesus’ divinity, the religion would be nothing. As I got older I started to realize the stories about him came from more than one person, specifically: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I never thought about the differences that each book contained, except that of all of them I disliked Mark the most
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My Essence of Christ - Joshua Huver 1 February 2008 J Bird...

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