Poem argument - Humberg

Poem argument - Humberg - Kristen Humburg February 5 2008...

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Kristen Humburg February 5, 2008 Traver ENG 1120 Poem Argument In the poem by Carolyn Forchè called The Colonel , she talks about a power hungry dictator and a dinner shared by him and his family . Alongside this poem we read Capital Punishment by Sherman Alexie, who speaks from the scene of an execution . Both of these poems deal with specific types of punishment . The punishment handed out by a dictatorship to invoke fear, and the capital punishment of a democratic government to protect its citizens . In both poems the handling of the punishment is seen as wrong and unneeded . The sentence structure, word choice, and the tone of the poems all help the reader get into the poem and form an opinion . Forchè begins her poem with the sentence “What you have heard is true .” This sentence helps to captivate the reader into wondering what this sentence is talking about . What is true? Is it good or bad? It immediately draws the reader in for more . As the poem goes on, the reader is confronted with a typical home setting: wife setting out coffee, daughters taking care of their nails, sons going out with friends . It all appears to be very normal until there is mention of a pistol in the couch cushion . The odd placement in the
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family description as if it were a perfectly normal every day thing, and the calm tone with which it is mentioned, could potentially shock the reader
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Poem argument - Humberg - Kristen Humburg February 5 2008...

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