schizophrenia and the innocent man

schizophrenia and the innocent man - Joshua Huver FYS Web...

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Joshua Huver FYS Web Quest 1 September 30 th 2007 Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe brain disease that affects about one percent of the population. It is not a gender based disease, but it generally appears 10 years earlier in men then women (20’s vs. 30’s). People with schizophrenia hear internalized voices, are incredibly paranoid, and reluctant to trust anyone. It is treated through loving families and appropriate medical care. There are medications that one can take to alleviate the paranoia and psychotic symptoms. There is no known cure for the disease, as there is no real knowledge of its cause yet. Ron Williamson’s symptoms were shown through his need to have everything and his maliciousness in the way he manipulated his friends and family with his temper tantrums. They went from cute characteristics that made Ron who he was, to a scary personality that worried his entire family. Treatment options that were available were his prescribed lithium pills, the love and care of his mother and sisters, and partially his drive to be a better person. As the book went on however, that drive got lost and he sank further and further into alcohol and drug dependency, but not the drugs that would help him. I think the symptoms were a factor against him because it made him seem unstable and a threat to the community, and regardless of his innocence, people don’t feel safe with unstable people running around uncontrolled. Whether self control or by an outside force, a lack of control is not appealing.
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Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition defined as recurrent disturbances in mood. Once called Manic Depression, the new term is designed to be neutral, avoiding the associations in the non-mental health community that comes from "manic" and "depression." Some of the symptoms that Ron displayed throughout the novel were characterized in the fact that in his mid to late twenties, he exhibited frightening behavior to the public and his own family. During family holidays he would lock himself in a
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schizophrenia and the innocent man - Joshua Huver FYS Web...

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