a lesson in trust

a lesson in trust - Josh Huver Mrs Burns AP English 21...

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Josh Huver Mrs. Burns AP English 21 September, 2005 Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends As I stepped out from the grasp of the doors of school and into the sunlight, my face was beaming. I had been waiting all night and all day to show off to my peers the new trick I had learned the night before from a few kids that were in high school. My friend and I were going to pull off one of the coolest tricks anyone had seen at St. Thomas, but little did I know how much I would learn about my friends that afternoon. When you ask a friend to do something simple, such as catch you if you’re falling, you shouldn’t have to think twice about it. Even more so when the friend in question is fully aware of what will happen. Is it right for you do remind a friend of his or her promise, 10 times a day and receiving their full acknowledgement of the deal, only to have them turn their back on you as you slam hard on the pavement; literally? Personally, as the friend of seemingly countless people, I could not imagine myself doing just the opposite of a favor that my friend had insisted, or even pleaded about. No, to do such a thing would void any and all ties of so called friendship in my book. Nobody had known of the plan but my friend and I. I was the brave soul who would have this
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a lesson in trust - Josh Huver Mrs Burns AP English 21...

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