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a profile in courage- jfk - Josh Huver Huver 1 Mrs Olejnik...

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Josh Huver Huver - 1 Mrs. Olejnik Honors English II 9 January, 2005 A Profile in Courage: JFK Courage is a special factor of one’s personality. It is usually relatively easy to tell the difference between those who have lots of courage, and those who have little. Courage shines through one’s personality nearly everyday, in some shape or form. That decision to leave a party where there’s drinking, telling a friend that he has a problem, or deciding whether or not to cheat on that test. These are all aspects of courage, defined as one‘s ability to do what one thinks is right despite harsh criticism. The most prominent figure that comes to many minds when courage is mentioned is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, or JFK. Throughout JFK’s life, he had many admirable displays of courage, and retained his poise more often than not, constantly giving off an appearance of a calm and collected man. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a hardworking man, full of pride and courage, who always fought for what he believed to be best for any particular situation, such as racism or people’s lives, often calling on himself and the people of America to take their rightful parts. JFK was born in Brookline, MA on May 29, 1917. He was always in a life-long race for accomplishments with his older brother, Joe. He followed Joe from boarding school in Connecticut to Harvard University; and from Harvard to the Navy, where Joe died in Germany. In memory of his brother, JFK fulfilled Joe’s dream of becoming the first Irish Catholic President. Growing up, his father, Joseph Kennedy Sr., always held his Huver - 2 sons in extremely high regard, and encouraged them to excel in everything they did; whether is was sports, school, or everyday activities. Throughout his tenure with his brother, JFK, while very intelligent and determined, was slightly less ambitious than Joe. However, it was JFK’s experiences in the Navy that truly tested his courage. One night while patrolling the waters for enemy ships, a Japanese destroyer rammed into JFK’s ship, causing it to split in half. The
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a profile in courage- jfk - Josh Huver Huver 1 Mrs Olejnik...

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