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cold war1 - Josh Huver Huver-1 Honors World History Ms...

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Josh Huver Huver -1 April 30, 2005 Honors World History Ms. Anderson The Cold War: Who to Blame In the late 1940's a great war full of empty threats was unleashed on the world. With much of the conflict coming from the United States of America and the U.S.S.R., the entire continent of Europe was caught in the middle. Due to the nation's already unstable and dishonest relationship, its nearly impossible to say who and what exactly begun the Cold War. However the explanation of whom is more at fault seems to be an easier term to explain. The United States were the main aggressors in the Cold War, and the over-zealous imagination of the government set caused unnecessary tension between the two countries. In the late1940's, the United States was obviously the dominant superpower of the world. The economy was suffering little backlash from World War II, the military was the sole source of the Atomic Bomb in the world, and the government was sitting pretty in its catbird seat. The Soviet Union on the other hand, was in absolutely
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