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Unformatted text preview: Josh Huver 11 - 25 - 03 Health 3rd hour Essay Report on Infectious Diseases Crabs are an infectious disease that primarily transmitted through sexual activity, also know as an STD. (sexually transmitted disease). The technical term for crabs is pubic lice. There is no direct cause of crabs, as to where they come from; their origin, but there are many ways it can be spread. The two major transmissions are sexual transmission and non sexual transmission, You can get crabs on your eye lashes, eye brows, pubic hair, facial hair, or any other place where you may have coarse hair. Most cases are transmitted through sexual contact. Non sexual transmission, however rare, is possible. You can get it from wearing infested clothing, sleeping in an infested bed, or even from a toilet seat sometimes. The incubation stage lasts about 5 days, and then itching begins. The itching is due to the crabs biting, which causes an allergic reaction. In the prodromal stage of infection, blue spots begin to appear. These blue spots can last for several days and are a result of the crabs biting. In the acute stage, you may experience all of the infection, blue spots begin to appear....
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