Morality in Prime Time Television

Morality in Prime Time Television - Josh Huver Huver - 1 AP...

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Josh Huver Huver - 1 AP English 3 Mrs. Burns 11 December, 2005 Morality in Prime-Time Television In today’s society, morals have next-to-nothing to do with what we watch on television. “Television is a place for excitement, and enjoyment, not learning lessons!” That sounds like something most would expect to hear from people lounging on a quiet evening, the air filled only with noise from the ever popular boob tube. The truth is, however, that morals and lessons can be found in everyday, not to mention popular, television shows. Most people are just watching the wrong shows. Usually when people turn on a television during Primetime they expect to see popular cop dramas, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, or Law and Order. The average viewer might not find anything wrong with these shows, citing their suspense, hilarity, and down-right witty one-liners as reasons why they are actually above-average shows. Contrary to popular belief though, cartoons are actually much more intellectually providing than your ‘above average’ primetime episode of Law and Order. Many cartoons have deep meaning and morals to nearly every episode. Granted, their number one priority is comedic relief, cartoons are usually immediately thrown out into the children’s pile, assumed as juvenile and uninteresting merely because they feature drawn characters instead of real life actors. The fact that most cartoons are geared toward children is somewhat the seed of the idea for including morals and lessons in the shows. Who wouldn’t want their child to learn something during the mindless hours they spend Huver - 2 in front of television and computer screens? Sure, we can make the show as wild and crazy as we want, but why not throw in some underlying messages, as in Family Guy, or even come out and blatantly state them aloud during the show, as in South Park. Now, I know what you must be thinking. Family Guy? South Park? These shows are hardly anything I would consider letting my child watch, no matter the age. I’m a junior in high school, and if my mother hasn’t approved of me watching South Park and Family Guy yet, its safe to say she never will. Yet if you
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Morality in Prime Time Television - Josh Huver Huver - 1 AP...

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