success and the alchemist

success and the alchemist - Josh Huver September 22, 2004...

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Josh Huver Huver 1 September 22, 2004 H. English II Olejnik Success: A Definitive Essay Success is one of those words that means something different to everyone you ask about it. Sure, its always the same word, spelled the same way, and defined in the dictionary as “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.” But disregarding all of these notions and standards of the word, to each individual it has a deeper meaning that pertains to something special inside themselves. Some people see success as being the most talked about, on the news, and ‘the big story’ every other week, they strive to make people happy and stay on top, sometimes sacrificing their own loves. Others are more simply pleased and don’t need to be nationally famous to be successful in their hearts. They strive for personal gains and reasons dear to them, such as Lance Armstrong, who received a great number of support for his fight against cancer and gained little to no profit. While at the same time, retaining their true self of whom they’ve always been. One thing is for certain however, success means something different to everyone, and everyone has a unique idea of what success is. The Alchemist is a beautifully woven tale by Paulo Coelho about a single boy, Santiago, and his trek through his world all while in the search of a great treasure that he dreamt about. The most commonly referred to theme is the quest of gaining success on Huver 2 one’s own terms, or finding your Personal Legend. An old man that Santiago meets on the beginning of his journey informs him about what a Personal Legend is. “Its what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, [even] when they are young, knows … everything is clear and everything is possible.” (21) The old man tells Santiago this, and throughout the novel
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success and the alchemist - Josh Huver September 22, 2004...

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