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technology warning - Josh Huver Huver 1 Ms Anderson Honors...

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Josh Huver Huver - 1 Ms. Anderson Honors World History 30 November, 2004 Technology: Today Your Mind, Tomorrow The World Usually when someone speaks of the future, they speak of floating cars, entire meals in pill form, world peace, and no unemployment. Everyone is happy and life is good. Hardly do you think of the future holding a peril for the human race as that brought fourth in James Cameron’s The Terminator . In this 1984 sci-fi feature, human technology gets out of hand, and in the case of The Terminator , the technology at hand is a computer system called Skynet. Skynet is originally designed as a military defense computer, controlling all of the governments nuclear weapons and eventually using them to nearly wipe out the human race. Now, this in itself is a big enough warning of the dangers of technology, but that’s merely the background of the story. It is however, the focus of this essay. The rest of the movie is focused around a woman named Sarah Conner, whose unborn son is the leader of the uprising against the future machines, and the Terminator sent back in time to destroy her.
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